PSP Blender Premium Game Downloads

How to install PSP demo games

These demo’s are official Sony releases of some of the best PSP games available.

PSP Demo Download Instructions (using a PC):

1) DOWLOADING – simply download the PSP Demo you wish to play onto your desktop (you can download it elsewhere but it is easier to find on the desktop).

2) EXTRACTING – right click the zip file and choose ‘Extract All…’ to bring up the Extraction Wizard (built into Windows XP and Vista). Click the ‘Extract’ button and after a few seconds a new window will popup with a single folder in it and should have 4 letters followed by 5 numbers such as ‘UCJS10036′ … some demos have a suffix such as ‘-1′ or ‘-demo’, don’t delete they are important. This is the demo’s folder you need to copy onto the PSP’s memory stick. Right click this folder and select ‘Copy’.

3) TRANSFERRING – the easiest way is hooking the PSP up to the PC via USB. Once the PSP is detected you usually see a popup asking what you want to do, select “Open folder to view files” which will open a window which has your PSP’s folders listed. Open the PSP folder … then open the GAME folder. This is the location you want to copy the demo’s folder. Right click on a blank area of this window and select ‘Paste’. After a few seconds of transfering the demo folder (files are contained) you are ready to disconnect your PSP and play the demo.





Not to complicate things but some of the newer demo games require custom firmware since the Playstation Network started offering demo’s directly from the Playstation store. This means you need to hack your PSP. If the games we list mentions custom firmware required then you will need to install custom firmware. For complete instructions please visit this link: