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PSPe 0.7 – Play PSP Games on Your PC

| August 13, 2010 | Comments (2)

PSPe 0.7 (The 1st PSP Emulator for PC)

1st PSP Emulator for the PC. Performance of the emulator is a little bit sluggish considering its on very early stage of development. Only homebrew apps runs. Not commercial roms/isoz.INSTRUCTION :
Store all your PSP homebrew apps like this:


Then run the emulator .exe. If you have no apps the \GAME\ folder emulator would just hang on startup.

They keys for the emulator are :
1. The arrow keys for up down left right
2. W A S D = ∆   o x

Games we tested :
1. Hello World
2. Tetris JP
3. PSP Calc

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Comments (2)

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  1. sun says:

    hello there…can someone tell me how to play psp games on there any emulator to play psp games on pc…..i have tekken6 psp game folder on my pc but no psp to play it….but i want to play on PC, is there anyway to play on PC…can some one help me..please email me at

    • VAtsal Aggarwal says:

      Hey Download A psp emulator (jpcsp). Seach on google
      You will get it
      After download it
      After that extract all files
      In the ‘undimages’ Folder put the ISO of That game
      Start ‘windows .bat’ file

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